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Checking out Dajanoli Outdoors
BIG C's Little L
Chronic Lyme disease Rarity
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Checking out Dajanoli Outdoors

 We now Have a place where you can enjoy the shopping of outdoor products at Dajanoli Outdoors at We are happy to bring you some nice products and if you are looking for something. Just ask and perhaps we can find that for you. Check us out. Thanks

A Journey of Mazes

I am sorry to say the tentacles of medical corruption have eliminated the YOutube video.
Hello all, What a beautiful day. A bit chilly, A bit damp, A bit bored, but now a bit hopeful. With the following film. Maybe with truth and courage and Facebook's support. We can educate the world, of the world. Let us go to the movies. 
I am sorry to say the tentacles of medical corruption have eliminated the YOutube video.

An update

 I am the author of Journey Through Challenge and Lyme in advocacy that tries to stay with the symptoms of vector-borne diseases depression, neuropathic pain, anxiety, as we all face this pandemic from Lyme, Bartonella, Babesiosis and many others. We hope you can find something that will help your decision making to better health. 
  I feel there is some progress being made in this dreadful disease and there is much work to be done still in the future. The suffering still suffers, the ignorant is still doubtful of problems. The profit takers are still clinging to their profit margins. Knowing the sky will likely fall when Tick born diseases are eradicated, elimanating the high percentage of infectous diseases that move so much money.


  Welcome to my store at 
at I will integrate this project to help finance the Lyme diseases advocacy and lighten the load on my disability as I receive little to nothing for support of my projects. 


Update to Disulfiram experience

  I have improved just starting and stopping at the one month period. Have not started back yet but will start much slower when I do. I have been off for about two months now. I really need to slow down because my previous heart issues will stop me if I don't. But I am doing things again and I believe the DSF had helped greatly in the low dosages that I was taking. I believe a major herx is why I had trouble, and now I am glad I took the DSF. I start with a quarter 250mg pill every day for two weeks. done great, then half 250 mg pill for two weeks. I started nerve jerking and synapses in the nervous system that I was not able to rest with. That meant my heart was likely doing the same thing. So I stopped. I just may be one of those highly sensitive individuals that respond to lower dosage. Thank you all here for sharing and caring. keep talking.

My Disulfiram Experience

  Hello all, I am still here after my first month of Disulfiram. For me, this has been an experience that has helped me with some issues and I believe added some issues. I will explain here.
  1. Before I started Disulfiram, I am sure I was starting a relapse of Bartonella, a remnant of my Lyme issues, and I felt as long as I had the opportunity to give this new disulfiram treatment (possible Tick-borne disease treatment) a try. I did that. I was very happy with the results I got on 75 mg for two weeks.

Inquiries of Longihornis Tick

  I have been getting more than a couple of concerned inquiries about the Longihornis Tick.   Or Asian Tick.
I have also been reading up on the Longihornis Asian Tick. Appears any human infections are considered accidental. This Tick carries the SFTS ( Severe Fever Thrombocytopenia  Syndrome) ( A dog disease )Only deadly to 20 to 30% of those that get it. (I suspect cross-contamination.)

Baby steps in a big way

Loraine Johnson's response to CDC article

In Response to the CDC's recent published article against the Lyme world From Loraine Johnson -

To All,  Lorraine Johnson posted their response. It was filed by Raphael B Stricker, MD. (see below).  Much appreciation is due to them,Jill ---- read bellow ----Last night Ray filed our pub-commons response to the Christina Nelson MMWR piece, detailing the previous ethics case.  This can now be cited. Johnson, Raphael B.

Lyme,Opioid, Heroin ???

  Hello all, In a response to being asked of the Attorney General to sign on to the severe Opioid/heroin epidemic in Pa. I replied with. ---  Hello Mr. Shapiro, I am grateful that you are taking an interest in the opioid and heroin epidemic on every front. but there is one front that you are totally not listening to. This is the pain and suffering that is raping the nation of good people and driving them to something that works. Your fight for Opioid and Heroin control will not get better until we get this Lyme and Late Stage Lyme, Chronic Lyme issue under control.
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