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Babesia and Paniculitis

Linda's liniment treatments are seeming to be not so many because I am not reminded to give her the Liniment massage. I still feel getting the lyme under control is important. But we have had real good luck eliminating the inflammation and nodules with the liniment. I should also add she suffered before her Lyme Disease diagnosis with failing kidneys. Her kidneys now are replenishing themselves and all tests say they are normal. I did not mention where I had put this theory together. I was researching sub-dermal nodules and found a match with Paniculitis. My doctor laughed at me. He never heard of it. But I found that Paniculitis is suspected to come from different things and one of the things was Babesia. If you know Tick borne diseases. You know Babesia is a co-infection to Lyme disease. Meaning you can get co-infections along with your lyme infection. Babesia is a Malaria cousin and a MicroBacterium. I believe in the theory that if you don't get rid of the Bacterium first you may find it harder to get rid of other tick borne illnesses. It is suspected that Paniculitis will attack the pancreas and the liver and kidneys. Possibly be tide to type 2 diabetes. Linda is getting that under control better now that we are getting rid of toxins and the Babesia. Babesia in turn depletes the kidneys ability to filter toxins through the urine. These toxins build up in the sub dermal fat membrane under the skin and they are like prickly needles against the nerve endings. I thank my lymee friend for striking yet another very good article for my blog at throughchallenge.


 Today I am finding myself talking about something that when I was a young man back on the farm. I couldn't dig, burn or kill this plant fast enough. Now I look at it as a pain reliever. My wife suffered greatly before her lyme diagnosis for years and back when she was diagnosed clinically and couldn't afford the help. We were forced too research a lot of info out there and before to long we were looking for answers for her very 10+ pain nodules in the fatty tissue under the skin. We would search around and one Dr. Chiropractor suggested pressure point therapy. I believe it may have helped in that we were doing something but in the long run , I believe we made more nodules. I began researching and finally found something that fit her problem. In the meantime a doctor suggested she have some tests and found that she may possibly be suffering a fatty liver. That is not a good thing for as the liver turn to fat, it looses it's filtration capabilities. As I was looking into Linda's painful nodules. I found an article on paniculitis. This was before she receive help for her lyme. While researching this Paniculitis, which basically I was laughed at when mentioning it to the doctor. This was being mentioned as possibly a Babesiosis related issue. In Linda's case a Lyme disease and co-infection related issue. It all boiled down to her liver was failing to filter the toxins from the body. The article mentioned that Babesia attacks the pancreas which triggers her Type 2 diabetes and then moves for the kidneys and then liver. The toxin that the liver can not filter goes into the body somehow, someplace. In her case, it shows up as pin point nodules under the skin. Very very painful. With Epsom salt baths would reduce some of the pain. But we could never get rid of it all and diet, supplements, and pain killers just wasn't enough too curb the pain. Then as my Linda was watching television she notice a supplement advertisement for Milk Thistle. She said she would like to try it. So she tried it and it is about 4 weeks now and her nodules are shrinking and her pain is lesser than before she began taking it. There is a ways to go yet as we have been treating her Lyme and co-infections. We are hopeful that we are on to something. Milk Thistle is not a pain reliever. Milk thistle helps too replenish the livers capability too filter out toxins. Who would have thought.


  Hello, readers,
  I have not updated My wife Linda and my progress lately. I have been asked often what I am taking for my lyme treatment. I have recently started going to Linda's doctor because I felt we didn't need two minds working on the same problem. Meaning one doctor, less confusion. So as for Linda, she has been on Immunoglobin transfusions for a few months. This is too pump up her autoimmune numbers. We feel along with her meds such as an anti-viral med called Coartem 120mg 2xday.


    Hello all,  I know some of you have been waiting for an update on my wife Linda and her Lyme story. We just went through a bit of a slump with her meds and transfusions because of policy changes in Penna. But we are now back on track and she is getting what she needs I feel and with a few more months of this she very well may be well on the road to recovery. We will see. The slump did give us a good idea to whether the transfusions and Meds were working for her Babesia that she suffers with.

Lyme Testing Part 2

Part 2. Lyme Testing
In my understanding that mainstream medicine does not understand the ins and outs of testing for Lyme. When a person goes to the doctor and says I had a tick on me and now I don't feel good. In most cases the Doctor will say. 1. Did you get a rash? 2. Or it is probably just a cold. 3. It is probably allergies. These statements are common in mainstream medicine and I am glad to say are changing slowly. The testing is a problem right now as I see it. When a mainstream doctor orders and Elisa test for Borellia Burgdorferi (Lyme Disease) that it is just for Borellia.


Babesia P-6
I have come to feel that this all started back in the time of penicillin and antibiotics were first used. We were in aw of the power we had over the disease world that we failed to see the possibilities. One be to much reliance on medicine and not enough on natural selection. I am afraid that Mother Nature will make that decision for us with the dysfunction of the mainstream medical community to realize this public health hazard.
Below are ailments that some times are misdiagnosed lyme disease cases.


Babesia P-5
Testing strategy is not up to par as the mainstream likes to use for the detection of lyme and tick borne diseases. I was myself tested with Elisa test and returned a positive test then it was backed up with a western blot test which both tests were sent to a not lyme knowledgeable testing lab. The western blot came back negative and there by the doctor through it out and said I tested negative for lyme. These tests are basically useless after you have been treated with antibiotics for any number of issues such as sinus which was one of my first troubling issues with lyme. After a time a lyme literate doctor would have your blood test overnight ed to California for a special lyme test that will be more accurate and then it is not always 100%. Often you are clinically diagnosed and then put on antibiotics for a time and when this has results. It is most likely the right diagnosis. I remember often during one of my many sinus attacks I would feel much better for a few weeks and then I would be right back again for more antibiotics. This should have been a signal. But then there were not the literary ramblings of lyme sufferers and tick related disease sufferers around to put a pattern together.


Babesia P-4
Over the years I have been Watching different diseases talked about in various diagnosis and many have caught my interest. All of them relating to the dysfunction of the auto immune system. I am seeing a pattern with many of these auto immune problems as being a post cursor to a preexisting condition. That is Babesia and that is often accompanied with lyme disease, Bartonella, Candida, among other tick related diseases. As many are diagnosed correctly, I feel the test needs to go one more to eliminate the possibility of lyme.


Babesia P-3
In my research for her paniculitis problem, it was said that she could try Epsom salt baths. I feel this has reduced her nodules down to being pain manageable with her pain patch and break through pain meds as she needs them. Also as her doctor is now treating her Babesia, we feel she is starting to make some improvement toward regularity. But we need to take one disease at a time. This lady you talk of I believe needs a lyme literate doctor, as there are only a # of them in the Massachusetts area.

Babesia Part 2

Babesia P-2
   As for your 41 yr. Old woman. If she does not remember a Tick bite or rash, perhaps as it was stated in your article that she had 4 surgeries through the years before taking sick with her dreadful ailments. It is very possible as I am reading stories of this now. That the blood supply if she had any transfusions of blood or contaminated blood products through the years could have made her very sick. Mainstream medicine is not up on tick born diseases and insists that there is not enough problems to be concerned with.
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