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Wait or Treatment




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federal testing

I am reading the article about Opioid, Syphilis outbreaks and Trumps Hiv. Plan from Morgellens Survey – Facebook page.

My Dad and I had an experience back on the farm 30 years ago. I was the in house Pseudo-Quack or farm vet. Supervised by a well vetted Veterinarian. I kept very stringent records back then as because as is today. If you send a animal to market and the test for antibiotics in that meat should show positive. You would not just be reprimanded with a quarantine, but possibly even fine and loose the price of the meat.

Wait or Treatment

I was asked - Wouldn’t it be wise to take the doxy treatments to assure against infection? I would not want to take a chance.
My response as a Tick Borne disease advocate and NOT a medical (Non) Lyme Literate person of the new Tick Borne disease sciences.

As a rule Joie, this is where it can get dicey. IN MY OPINION. If you briefly have a tick on you. Should you be tested or treated. Every situation is different. I will be plain and simple. If you have a tick embedded a short time.


 I saw a Mayo promo for Bone Morrow Transplants this morning. I thank them for all they do for the suffering. But I was inspired to respond. with - 
 One trouble. Mayo or their affiliates doesn't address late stage Lyme. We need to start diagnosing and treating Lyme if it is Lyme and not leukemia. I have talked with some that have been through all the Leukemia therapies only to discover they had Lyme and coinfections all along. And a Transplant may help for a while. Yes, I am not a Doctor.

Seeking LLMD's

  I was just leafing through my go to for medical updates. WOW, I think any child with sinus infections and adults with new developing sinus issues should be checked with a proper Tick Borne disease test by a Lyme Literate MD. Not necessarily an Infectious disease MD. Proper knowledge, proper testing is not in our best hospitals yet. But may be in a doctors office in a best hospital. Seeking the hospital will likely not be rewarded, but seeking the right doctor may get you the right answers.


  I answered an appeal for help today from a frustrated late stage Lyme sufferer that is now in the darkness of lyme. This might seem harsh to a non-lyme sufferer. But from those who have made the journey, my reply is as true as it gets for many. My reply follows.


  You do what many of us have had to do. Get a good bankruptcy lawyer. Took me 5 years, and by that time. I was worthless and wished I was dead. Took my wife 5 rejections to get her last rejection, and this poor girl was on her last leg. Then the courts waited until she was old enough to force her into retirement and now she gets very little of that. This country is not here for you. Don't count on this country or its courts. The last disability judge my wife had was middle eastern and we could not understand him well. As soon as you start realizing reality. Your life will start turning around. Sucks to be us but bankruptcy deterred the families hate for us and called off the wolves until you and only you can get your defense together that you are waiting to come from a mysterious place. This lyme epidemic is the worst evil a living soul can challenge. You can do this or give up. Only two choices. We are here too and we have been there. Welcome to hell. We will see you on this side when you get back from your journey. With love, support and maybe some guidance from the Lyme community. You can get here. You will see life through different eyes, You will feel life through different skin, you will experience life through an expert. David R Thomas

My CBD Evaluation for Persister Lyme

  MY CBD EVALUATION --- I have been using CBD for over a month now for a persister return. I have found that I feel better, it does everything that it says it does. I find it relieves some pain, clears some of my brain fog, my rest is much more restful. As for some that find no results at all. That may happen to some that I have found that respond negatively to just about anything. And the negatives are being totally honest. This is why it is important to try something but not to stick with something because somebody says it will help when it does not.

lyme and Friends

IN MY OPINION: lYME AND FRIENDS. The human defense mechanism drives people to flee what they do not understand. They don't want that issue upsetting their lives and so they flee. They also absolutely will not get it until they get it. If they don't already have it. Then they will be alone without those who suffered before them. They need us but just don't know it yet. When their child is diagnosed with ADHD, ADD. Your Mom or Dad or maybe sibling is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, MS, Crones, or any of 350 different misdiagnoses that may be available without the proper clinical or proper testing that we do not have yet.

A Sign For Change

  A fellow Lymee was just found positive for Lyme and asked me what could be said to the non-lyme believing Family physician in the defense of the test positive by a Lyme Literate Physician. This person was afraid of a scolding for chasing a positive diagnosis that they would not test for. The following is what you can say to your doctor and if they don't take that info as a good sign for change. It is time for a different doctor.

 You can tell them that their idea that the cal.

PA. Opioid legislation

In regards to the Opioid over dosed deaths legislation headed to the Senate for a vote. I wrote this letter to my Representative. --- Hello Rep. Picket, I wrote Senator Yaw on this matter sometime ago. Did not receive anything back. I mentioned the Opioid problem is something that needs addressed. I also mentioned that the percentage of deaths to opioid deaths are about the same as suggested misdiagnosed late stage Lyme disease sufferers. Did you know the #1 killer of Lyme ...disease is suicide mostly because of the dreadful pain.

Cosponsoring Legislation

HB2242 is a great step forward and with the new PALRN (PA Lyme Resource Network) developing and well on their way to creating an education forum for teaching Lyme and their website at www.palyme.orgoffering some very good knowledge toward Tick related issues. There are some great Lyme resources out there and I support most of them in South Eastern PA Lyme group and www.ahope4lyme.orgat North central PA and south central NY
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