Babesia and Paniculitis
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Babesia and Paniculitis

Linda's liniment treatments are seeming to be not so many because I am not reminded to give her the Liniment massage. I still feel getting the lyme under control is important. But we have had real good luck eliminating the inflammation and nodules with the liniment. I should also add she suffered before her Lyme Disease diagnosis with failing kidneys. Her kidneys now are replenishing themselves and all tests say they are normal. I did not mention where I had put this theory together. I was researching sub-dermal nodules and found a match with Paniculitis. My doctor laughed at me. He never heard of it. But I found that Paniculitis is suspected to come from different things and one of the things was Babesia. If you know Tick borne diseases. You know Babesia is a co-infection to Lyme disease. Meaning you can get co-infections along with your lyme infection. Babesia is a Malaria cousin and a MicroBacterium. I believe in the theory that if you don't get rid of the Bacterium first you may find it harder to get rid of other tick borne illnesses. It is suspected that Paniculitis will attack the pancreas and the liver and kidneys. Possibly be tide to type 2 diabetes. Linda is getting that under control better now that we are getting rid of toxins and the Babesia. Babesia in turn depletes the kidneys ability to filter toxins through the urine. These toxins build up in the sub dermal fat membrane under the skin and they are like prickly needles against the nerve endings. I thank my lymee friend for striking yet another very good article for my blog at throughchallenge.

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drury lane on Sunday, January 10, 2016 1:20 AM
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David R Thomas on Saturday, June 30, 2018 3:45 PM
Thank you for checking out my web/blog for Lyme disease education and advocacy.

David R Thomas on Thursday, May 31, 2018 11:03 PM
Should remember that there was not the equipment to find these nanobacteria when that Biopsy was done. I would still be reluctant to have that done today by a Non-Lyme Literate Hospital. My research that got a laugh at dr.s offices suggests That: The Babesia that Linda suffers greatly from and, will not get treatment from her non-Lyme literate GP, (Who claims he has better answers for my wife than I do) Damaged her Pancreas and then moved onto her filtration system. This took a number of years but was amped up after her Hysterectomy that I am thinking she didn't need now. But it was the straw that won. The dead bodies that the immune system creates battling the disease, is filtered out of the body through the urine. If this is lagging in any way. The toxins are moved through the body and eventually settling in her sub-Q fat layer under the skin. This nodule creates a pinprick on one end and pokes at her pain reception nerve endings, and all pointing outward. Yes, she can take some awful strong pain meds and become a zombie or get through it. It is very hard and a pain to even get the powerful patches that she used to get and now we don't bother. Linda comes from tough stock and insists she needs to be there for me more than she needs to be a zombie. I do have a couple of secret weapons that are kicking in slowly. These nodules that nobody seems to no anything about on the planet except an article or two I tied together many years ago that done a study on Panniculitis, Another big laugh from the doctor, is about 10 or 15 nodules per square inch and all over her body. It takes time and I am hoping to get her filtration system back up and running. But affordability is a problem and we don't ask, we just help.
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d on Friday, December 14, 2018 4:32 AM
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