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Gods In White Coats

Gods in White Coat Mentality

   Closed minded disaster waiting to happen.

  I have been hearing a lot about how doctors have allowed this Lyme issue to mushroom into the monster we have today. This is my own opinion and comes from many insights and much reading and listening. As for my “Gods in White Coat Mentality – GIWC ” terminology. That is reserved for doctors who are very intelligent and can do many great things doctoring as long as they stay with in the block of knowledge that this group of ???doctors??? received at the big U. These GIWC are not bad doctors in most cases and are doing the best they can with the tools they have to work with.   It is unfortunate that the growing population has forced the medical community to compartmentalize each and every illness in the medical books. This means that no one doctor can do all of this. But this is where the monster begins. When our society built this “Closed Minded Disaster Waiting to Happen.” The NON-GOVERMENT GROUP group (Infectious Diseases Society of America - IDSA ) “GIWC – get it?” as I see it in charge built a field of specialist who take care of each disease as a one bacteria / one disease medical program.         There is also a chain of command in the medical community that most of us don't think about. Such as Doctors must at any cost follow the CDC protocol which is designed, many times, by the IDSA who is thought by many to be corrupt and lining it's pockets with Pharma and Ins. Payoffs with not one New school Lyme Literate MD in the group.  This way as you maneuver through the maze of specialists that will hopefully discover what is wrong with you, you will get better with a correct diagnoses if it don't kill you first. The trouble with that thinking is the term ( one bacteria / one disease ) is totally not Advanced Lyme / Late Stage Lyme / or Chronic Lyme. Lyme is an immatater and can mimick just about any auto-immune disorder out there. Lyme is something that has been around for millions of years with proof in ticks found in amber fossils. The problems with Lyme started when the world started compartmentalizing the many illnesses into their groups. Along with antibiotics over use or maybe even discovered in the first place. Or thinking that all diseases are designed around an iron based bacteria that lives on iron alone. Lyme has been found to be a Manganese based bacteria that thrives on Manganese. “This is the only Manganese based bacteria on earth so far as I understand it.” Nobody that I know of ever talks about Manganese outside the university based article I read this from. Lyme is no longer a one bacteria tick bite. It is a Lyme and Tick borne disease issue along with the many other diseases that you are likely to experience if you don't get that Lyme issue under control early in the infection. I sometimes wonder if the IDSA seen this coming as a world population control to level off the growing numbers that the world community can not feed now. The trouble with that theory is that Lyme kills in time and not in short term. “in most cases-excluding Powasson, Bourbon viruses and others being discovered as we learn more about tick borne related diseases.
  So now we have a society of 20-30% non productive sick society that is non productive and dieing of slow agonizing death. Not to mention mental issues from Neurological Lyme. Yes the ones that many people are complaining of all the worthless souls out there who can not work. But as we learn more about Lyme disease, there are more doctors and politicians and somebodies, who are also getting Lyme and teaching that there is a flaw in the medical community and it is a “GAME CHANGER” As I see it if the Gods in White Coats don't step up soon and recognize the term (LLMD – Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) and start taking this “Closed minded disaster that is already happening,” seriously. And I am not talking about that little 15 minute introduction to Lyme disease you received at the big U. I am talking about taking an acredited weekend course recognized by the AMA. We as a society will see in my childrens time the first plague of the 21 century in full color. That means it could be my Wife, mother, “father Past and I wonder”, my child, grandchild or even as I and a Sister who are already infected, friends, family will be touched. In closing. I do not sugar coat well. Also sugar is a great food for Lyme, Cut the sugar.If you would like a lyme presentation to come to your community. Call your local Lyme support group. You can find them at LDA.org or somebody you know who has lyme. I myself work with Ahope4lyme.org and we give very informed, fun, group presentations for both medical and Non medical communities or I am invited to a family with issues who feel they need too talk with someone outside their medical circle and ask questions. Education is 90% of beating the fear of Lyme disease and avoiding getting it. IN MY OPINION.
     Have a great day,   David R ThomasLyme advocate at:Through Challenge.com

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