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INTER: for interpretation
   This article came to FB and I found it interesting in the conversation that this person and I went into. I am not at liberty to share the other persons words but I can right my own and my own interpretation.
    INTER: This person was remembering the days before lyme when everything in her life was so much easier. She didn't have to challenge herself to get the kids ready. It was just something that happen and going on vacation could be so relaxing and then going back to work is so challenging. She has found that as all us ill baring people have found. We took a lot for granted.
 Me:    I am reminded everyday in how different life is without Lyme and Lyme arthritis. There was a time 25+ years ago I could go out and dance all night and get up and work all day. It gets me sometimes when I read an article as I did today about all I need to do to get rid of this chronic joint pain that I have chosen to aggravate by trying to do a few simple chores outside. I believe there is help for some people with chronic pain through natural remedies but this Moron does not have Lyme Disease I can bet on it. You are not alone and when somebody says lets go and you must evaluate your status before excepting. Remember to save enough for that next hug that you sometimes coo in agony when your squeezed with love. Only a lymee can share this and be understood by fellow lymees. For those who don't understand, I pray you never do and hope you appreciate your freedom in and out of your body.
   INTER: The lady thanked me for the encouragement. She suggests that she would love to tell people about her successes in her challenges through a tough and challenging illness. She goes on to mention that her head pressure, fatigue and brain fog is her most debilitating state of lyme she experiences. She goes on to thank me for sharing my story
   She goes on to say that she has many days where she feels about 60% of normal. Then she goes on vacation with her family and realize her recovery that she has learned to manage through her challenges is much different when she try’s too manage in a different surrounding such as camping.
   Me: Yes I am very aware of the headaches and neck pain. Thank you for reminding me that lyme affects everybody a bit differently. My wife has lyme , Bartonella , and Babesia. All tick related. Probably same bite. She does not relate as you and I do with headaches although she experienced some bad headaches. I remember kneeling down on the barn floor and holding my head between my arms it hurt so bad. After being treated for sinus headaches and throwing my unknown lyme headaches back into remission. After a few days I would keep going for another few years. Then I drove truck for 14 years. Thank god for clarithrmycin, a lyme literate doctor and many supplements and time.
   INTER: She goes on to say that she is in her forth month of treatment for her Babesia with Malarone. Also mentioning the floor leveling headaches that I have experienced.
  ME: Wife takes Coartem first 3 days of the month and supplement artemesia for ten days. Then goes back on Placuanil for the rest of the month and ceflaxin., repeated monthly. She is in her 3rd month and showing progress. This is basically a cousin to malaria. And responds often to malaria remedies. We have a friend who also takes malerone and has very difficult time with it. I am not sure if she is still treating but know she still has difficulties. Again, everybody is different. If I may make a suggestion: I made a neck brace for myself and have for the most part eliminated my neck pain. I figured this out by rolling up a bath towel and placing it just behind my neck and letting the head role back on the towel when watch TV with the kids or just relaxing. I think it has some to do with relieving the lyme arthritis in the muscle tissue in the neck and shoulders. I designed one out of something and works great for driving, watching TV, working on the computer.
  INTER: She asks how difficult my wife’s Babesia experience has hindered her life.
   Me: Hot flashes and cold sweats, Fibromialgia, Brain fogs, low back and hip pain, depression, chronic joint and muscle pain, memory issues, subcutaneous nodules in the fat layer under the skin, diabetes. I looked up Babesia sometime ago and found that Babesia can affect the pancreas and that creates a chain reaction of sorts that restricts the liver from filtering toxins from your body and showing up as very very painful pin head nerve pricking nodules with in the fat layer under the skin. This is also called paniculitis. I believe I still have that article if your would like it. But I feel we are dealing with Babesia and she may come back enough and get her diabetes under control. There is suggestion that is a possibility. She has also been disabled and cannot practice her LPN profession as it was more than she was able to handle and now will probably be outside her recovery % for continuance. Jury still out.
      INTER: The lady goes on to say that she is not as bad as my wife is.
       Me: But then I would suggest that everybody body is different in there tolerances and in my wife’s case, being as tough as she has had to learn to be through her life. A lot of ailments she was suffering I feel she thought was just life. Sounds like you might be getting at it a lot earlier than she did. But it can still be quite devastating. Do you know when you may have been bitten?
    The End

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    anonymous on Saturday, August 18, 2018 10:08 AM
    nice one
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    Amniotic Derived Stem Cells on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 3:55 AM
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