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My update to The Perils
Bee Pollen findings




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Seeking LLMD's

  I was just leafing through my go to for medical updates. WOW, I think any child with sinus infections and adults with new developing sinus issues should be checked with a proper Tick Borne disease test by a Lyme Literate MD. Not necessarily an Infectious disease MD. Proper knowledge, proper testing is not in our best hospitals yet. But may be in a doctors office in a best hospital. Seeking the hospital will likely not be rewarded, but seeking the right doctor may get you the right answers.

Baby steps in a big way

A legislative Plea


Hello all and especially my readers of the 41rst district of Penna,

I am concerned about the SB 100 being stuck in committee without be acted on. It is stuck in the Banking and Ins committee chairman's 41rst district Senator Donald White's Office. This Bill will help release Physicians to treat these Tick related issues correctly in the the eyes of the Lyme literate community. I need all my readers to spread the word and share this if you would. We need you to send a letter to Senator White's office.

Infantile Lyme

Good day folks, I am waiting for rain. I have a letter written to me from what I consider the horses mouth. The letter states, A child was brought to the hospital at the request of a Local Peds office. They could not figure out what was wrong with the child at the Peds office. Kudos to them. But I could educate them on that. The hospital Lyme literate personal said this is likely Lyme. Treated the child and child is as I understand this getting better. The trouble with this great story is. I heard this about the wrong hospital. It was another local hospital. One that has personal with nads to actually take this bear on. The sad part of that story is. The satellite offices of that Lyme literate Doctors presents, IN MY OPINION, don't know how to recognize, treat or suspect infantile lyme. If your child is expressing strange and unusual behavior for that child or for any child. What does it hurt to get some knowledge to help benefit that child. At this time the ONLY checks and balances you mothers and Dads have is LYME LITERATE people. Often that is not the medical community. I feel, along with your local lyme support groups can get you there. The mainstream medical community as a whole is not there yet. With the CDC fighting us every step of the way. This is a very slow and sometimes frustrating progression to Tick Borne related science. IN MY OPINION

Loraine Johnson's response to CDC article

In Response to the CDC's recent published article against the Lyme world From Loraine Johnson -

To All,  Lorraine Johnson posted their response. It was filed by Raphael B Stricker, MD. (see below).  Much appreciation is due to them,Jill ---- read bellow ----Last night Ray filed our pub-commons response to the Christina Nelson MMWR piece, detailing the previous ethics case.  This can now be cited. Johnson, Raphael B.

Lyme,Opioid, Heroin ???

  Hello all, In a response to being asked of the Attorney General to sign on to the severe Opioid/heroin epidemic in Pa. I replied with. ---  Hello Mr. Shapiro, I am grateful that you are taking an interest in the opioid and heroin epidemic on every front. but there is one front that you are totally not listening to. This is the pain and suffering that is raping the nation of good people and driving them to something that works. Your fight for Opioid and Heroin control will not get better until we get this Lyme and Late Stage Lyme, Chronic Lyme issue under control.


  I answered an appeal for help today from a frustrated late stage Lyme sufferer that is now in the darkness of lyme. This might seem harsh to a non-lyme sufferer. But from those who have made the journey, my reply is as true as it gets for many. My reply follows.


  You do what many of us have had to do. Get a good bankruptcy lawyer. Took me 5 years, and by that time. I was worthless and wished I was dead. Took my wife 5 rejections to get her last rejection, and this poor girl was on her last leg. Then the courts waited until she was old enough to force her into retirement and now she gets very little of that. This country is not here for you. Don't count on this country or its courts. The last disability judge my wife had was middle eastern and we could not understand him well. As soon as you start realizing reality. Your life will start turning around. Sucks to be us but bankruptcy deterred the families hate for us and called off the wolves until you and only you can get your defense together that you are waiting to come from a mysterious place. This lyme epidemic is the worst evil a living soul can challenge. You can do this or give up. Only two choices. We are here too and we have been there. Welcome to hell. We will see you on this side when you get back from your journey. With love, support and maybe some guidance from the Lyme community. You can get here. You will see life through different eyes, You will feel life through different skin, you will experience life through an expert. David R Thomas

My CBD Evaluation for Persister Lyme

  MY CBD EVALUATION --- I have been using CBD for over a month now for a persister return. I have found that I feel better, it does everything that it says it does. I find it relieves some pain, clears some of my brain fog, my rest is much more restful. As for some that find no results at all. That may happen to some that I have found that respond negatively to just about anything. And the negatives are being totally honest. This is why it is important to try something but not to stick with something because somebody says it will help when it does not.

Time Travel

I here a lot about planetary futures, survival of our species. I share again this article and thought process. These things I write take me away from the everyday disease fighting challenges of our time. I enjoyed sharing this thought process from where ever it came. Enjoy Time Travel


Good day all,
I woke this morning pondering the puzzle book with Metals as the subject of the project. In the puzzle was Manganese. I being a fairly deep thinker was quickly transported to another dimension of why we are here, Why we are not there, How can we get there, Are we already making that journey.


To All,
Alica Cashman shared the following important information:
"Columbia Brain Depository will take your brain.  I made arrangements with my family to contact Columbia upon my death and send them my medical records ASAP."

--- some info from their website ---
To further characterize the extent of involvement and damage by Borrelia burgdorferi in humans, brain, spinal cord, and other tissues from people who have had Lyme disease at some time in their life are collected for current and future investigation at the NYS Psychiatric Institute.
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