Through Challenge and Lyme - IN MY OPINION - Sayre, PA

  Good morning all.

I woke this morning recovering from a busy day of canning and my thoughts almost immediately went to a vision I had a while back. “ Lyme and tick borne diseases will not be appreciated until it is eradicated.” Much like the supposedly great antibiotics and vaccine discoveries of our time that have depleted in my opinion the very defenses of our immune systems. The Lyme sciences I see starting to swing in many directions are finding possible cures for so many things that have haunted humanity for thousands of years from organ failure, mental illnesses, Heavy metal burden and the list goes on. Realizing the very thing that many people fear for our children will come back on line in our daily routines like playing in the dirt. Our next generation of antibiotics I feel will not be produced in the petre but taken from the dirt we walk on and/or play in when we are children. The mental illness of seniors being discovered that there can be not just and dementia but “Like” diseases caused by environmental issues started back in infancy such as light contamination from infancy to adulthood. There are great discoveries coming from this Lyme epidemic that is making the NON- Literate medical community nervous and I am sure the great power brokers of the Pharmaceutical and political worlds shiver. We are starting to clean up the mess we have created through chasing the dream of long life and start realizing the value of a healthy life. This will then begin to erase many of the hazards and road blocks our medical community is finding today in finding the right answers to our health issues. I am hearing of some progress in the antibiotic field in regards to Tick borne diseases. I am not sure that will help the bigger problem. We need to get back to the basics. I hear a lot about Organic food which is great if you can afford it. can't, but there are things you can do to help better your chances of a healthier life. If you are not doing well or getting answers to questions 1. Why can't I carry a baby full term? 2. Is my Alziemers or Demesia a correct diagnosis or should I talk to a Lyme Literate person before I that diagnosis? Already we are finding that many and dementia and MS, ME patients and many other auto immune issues could very well be Lyme disease or Heavy Metal issues. Most in house specialist and family physicians today are not equipped knowledge wise to decipher all that they do much less try to keep up with all that they do help us with. This is where talking to somebody that knows something about Tick related issues is much healthier than chasing diagnosis after diagnosis. I used to think what the hell did I do to deserve this punishment of Lyme disease and a couple of co-infections I might add. Now I am seeing the Lyme community a journey to rid the world of many diseases that will not be welcome as the population of the world continues to grow. That to will take care of itself in time as the soil depletes its nutrients and the breeding population becomes negative. Lyme Disease as I see it is a correction of some kind and for mankind, we are searching for the balance. “IN MY OPINION” Don't get rid of your Doctor or specialist or Family physician. Educate them, talk to them and if you need info there is lots of it out there from the community. Don't wait until you have this or your child or parent has this. Lyme literacy is here and growing and getting better . “IN MY OPINION”

David R Thomas - Lyme Disease Advocate

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