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Lyme Rashes
Enviromental Sensitivity
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Lyme Rashes

   Do you think Lyme rashes are strictly Bulls eye rashes. Even if your lucky enough to get a bulls eye rash that by the way only shows its self less than 30-50% of time anyway.. There is a good chance your Dr. may shun it off for a spider bite. The following collage was made with the help a LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) who sees these rashes often. Remember to take pictures of your imbedded Tick before you take it out. Put tick in plastic baggy or sealed container and refrigerate. That is your backup in case you forgot to show your Dr.


I find this all the time and much to often when a Non Lyme Literate Medical professional will use CDC protocol testing and get negative testing. It is not that medical people are stupid or uncaring about Lyme sufferers. It is a defunked two tier testing and lack of education in todays knowledge of Tick related illnesses. It is about not knowing when and how to use the testing protocols that we have and when to throw those out and use another non-protocol test that is +99% accurate.

Enviromental Sensitivity

 I have been hearing a lot about artificial coloring and the negative it has on our health. My wife was spraying Lemon scented Lysol this morning and it reminded me of artificial scents that set off my extremely sensitive Lymee sniffer. I was very disappointed when Lysol Company discontinue the Original unscented Spray disinfectant. Although my sensitivities are much less of a problem now as I can walk through the candle section in a store and not get a sinus headache. I still... realize the negative affect of unnatural scented products.


 Two Tier Testing. I have seen a shift in the numbers as a percentage of false Lyme testing through the Two Tier testing program. Lately I have seen 50% as the missed Lyme cases through the two tier system and I was taught 30% positive results in the two tier testing program. I think this is all screwed up only more screwed up than Two tier testing is already. I received a reply from a reader that is learning about two tier testing so I gave her an IN MY OPPINION version. 30% of the Elisa tests that actually prove positive are also backed up with a western Blot test that is not even the correct bands for the Lyme strains in this country. When the test comes back negative. That cancels out the positive test from the Elisa. That is called two tier testing. This is why so many are testing negative. That means at least 70% positive lyme sufferers are missed. This is why it is important to treat the disease, not the test. Our medical community has become too reliant on testing and not learning to use common sense diagnostics. Then again they are afraid that Ins. companies and Pharma will take it all away. IT being the much more important thing in life than treating the patient. Doctors need to learn to treat the disease, not the test.  Two Tier Testing does not work for Lyme.

Persitent Lyme

 I also like the discription of persistent lyme bacteria by Kim Lewis. -Lewis had long researched other hard-to-eradicate infections. “What we found, and published over the years,” he says, “is that in chronic infections, you have a small subpopulation of dormant, spore-like cells — these are called persisters,” he says. “So when antibiotics kill off the regular cells, persisters survive to live another day.”Cudos to Doctor Lewis, perhaps his University work will be excepted as easy in the medical field as ilads.


How about educating your family together with a 4 minute video that is easy and not scary to take in. The following YouTube video will help you protect your family. 

 For those who are looking for something natural to use on your pets when letting them out or taking them out for exercise. I have it from a pretty reliable source that the following recipe works well for dogs or cats.

8 oz. - Apple cider vinager
4 oz. warm water
1/2 tsp.

Binghamton University Update

  Good morning all. Linda and I returned safely from the Lyme conference at Binghamton University yesterday. We were and are very tired and will share a few of our experiences as we go. There is a lot to put together. We didn't see much of the big and informative speakers but will take in and share the streams as they become available. I understand the Igenex speaker was very informative and Dr. Steven Bock and Dr. Richard Horowitz were as usual interesting and educational. I personally would have loved to listen to the anthropologist that were speaking.

Gods In White Coats

Gods in White Coat Mentality

   Closed minded disaster waiting to happen.

  I have been hearing a lot about how doctors have allowed this Lyme issue to mushroom into the monster we have today. This is my own opinion and comes from many insights and much reading and listening. As for my “Gods in White Coat Mentality – GIWC ” terminology. That is reserved for doctors who are very intelligent and can do many great things doctoring as long as they stay with in the block of knowledge that this group of ?


  It is I, David R Thomas. I was recently asked by a FB Lyme reader how I am doing. I have been as busy as I can be with getting the word of Lyme and Tick borne diseases out to the public and into our leaders minds. I feel better when I am doing something. As for my health, I require much rest after chasing many years of diagnoses that if was understood 30 yrs. Ago. I wood have been much healthier today. I am quite sure the heart issue is a development of many years of not so much misdiagnoses as it was just plain unknown at the time.


 There was a lot going on in a conversation with a Dr. who wears a nice suit. That is about all the credit I can give him for his knowledge of todays knowledge of Lyme. Second Testing I have researched and wrote about many times in my blog. The good testing is available but the FDA is trying to close it down after they actually said." We (FDA) won't give you clearance but we will let you use the Igenex testing." That was years ago. That worked until Big Pharma and ins. Com. started putting pressure on non FDA approved testing. As for the need for testing. We have come full circle. Dr's will have to educate themselves to Lyme disease at ILADS cert. classes. They will learn to use the MSIDS (Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Survey) to diagnose their tick borne disease patients. I am not a doctor and I understand it. Testing today only supports the doctors decisions and the TWO TIER testing is not reliable for Tick borne diseases. It is only useful in HIV testing and it lies most of the time for Lyme. There for I-genex and the like testing trumps CDC protocol testing. Unless we can come up with a reliable instant Tick borne disease test it is worthless against what we have now. They talk about designing a Lyme disease test. We need a multiple tick borne disease testing system if that is the case. It would have to detect Bb (borellia {many strains}, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Babesia which is a malaria type parisite plus many more. We have all of this in place and FDA and Mr. Levine who I am sure means well is stumbling for words because I am sure he is a profeshional guidelines Loyal CDC Physician. Just like all the LLMD's were before they discovered there is no help for them unless they go against the grain and do something for themselves and their patients.
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