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Babesia and Paniculitis


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Babesia and Paniculitis

Linda's liniment treatments are seeming to be not so many because I am not reminded to give her the Liniment massage. I still feel getting the lyme under control is important. But we have had real good luck eliminating the inflammation and nodules with the liniment. I should also add she suffered before her Lyme Disease diagnosis with failing kidneys. Her kidneys now are replenishing themselves and all tests say they are normal. I did not mention where I had put this theory together. I was researching sub-dermal nodules and found a match with Paniculitis. My doctor laughed at me. He never heard of it. But I found that Paniculitis is suspected to come from different things and one of the things was Babesia. If you know Tick borne diseases. You know Babesia is a co-infection to Lyme disease. Meaning you can get co-infections along with your lyme infection. Babesia is a Malaria cousin and a parasite. I believe in the theory that if you don't get rid of the parasite first you may find it harder to get rid of other tick borne illnesses. It is suspected that Paniculitis will attack the pancreas and the liver and kidneys. Possibly be tide to type 2 diabetes. Linda is getting that under control better now that we are getting rid of toxins and the Babesia. Babesia in turn depletes the kidneys ability to filter toxins through the urine. These toxins build up in the sub dermal fat membrane under the skin and they are like prickly needles against the nerve endings. I thank my lymee friend Blyme lymee for striking yet another very good article for my blog at throughchallenge.


   Is your pain in your muscles or joints or both. Neck, back, fore arms, lower legs. My wife had this for years along with toxic nodules under the skin. Finally found something other than Epsom salt baths that works well. I went too the tractor supply and got me a bottle of Absorbine liniment. I massage her aching areas for about a week sometimes twice a day. She got through it and her nodules that we have been trying to shrink for years has shrunk 70 percent. Her pain level at this moment is tolerable and I still give her a liniment massage twice a week.


  I recently caught a reply on one of my friends FB post about Nora who is fiercely afraid of going out into tick areas for her husband had gotten sick from a tick bite. I hope her experience and husband recover. It struck an article and it follows.
  Good morning Nora, My wife and I have been married 15 yrs next month. We are late stage/advanced Lymee's and advocates. We are also great lovers of the out doors. We took to the woods yesterday about 4:00 and enjoyed a great afternoon with some quiet as we sat and waited for the elusive buck to appear.


  I received a post on my Facebook by a young fellow lyme sufferer and thought it would a wonderful share on my website.
 This week my sister asked me, "why do you want to put a notice about Lyme awareness in your mailroom?" This saddens me.
Last week she told me she understood my Lyme Disease
  Maybe she knows your sick and has trouble communicating it. Maybe she can't see why a lymee chooses too talk and share a devastating experience with others. Again communication.


   I was chatting recently with a lyme sufferer about testing and found that the person may have had inadequate testing for Heavy Medal Burden. BUT recieved CDC protocol testing.  The same with HMB. Mainstream is not keeping up. Patient said they had tested for HMB and found it to be fine. This problem is very important too eliminate when looking for lyme among other things. This puzzles me a bit because the hospital that did the test does not recognize advanced or late stage lyme.


     This info is from Page 202-209
                       By Dr. Richard I. Horowitz MD.
   The subject in this article is HEAVY METAL BURDEN (HMB) . The chapter in Dr. Horowitzs book "Why Can't I Get Better" Environmental Toxins and Lyme, explains the possible reasons why we don't respond to known helpful remedies while some get better and some do not.


 ????? EBOLA ????? A repeat performacne ? I am sorry for being stubborn on this importing Ebola sufferers in to our Non Ebola environment. But I am an advanced Lyme sufferer and have been lied to, Just like as many of you and your infected Lyme suffering friends, children, Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. They said there is no Lyme here or there. The infection spread and now we have an epidemic. We still have 99% of the medical community that claims they know all there is too know about Advanced Lyme disease and yet """ The medical community knows nothing about the modern version of advanced late stages of Lyme and they refuse to acknowledge it's existence until they get it.

A quote from Dave

   It is raining, cleansing our used breath, giving us yet another gulp of unsoiled life.
           David R Thomas


I was asked recently what is the correct test for Lyme testing. This is why it is important to seek an LLMD trained by ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) To look at the patient. My reply was:
That depends on the patient, how long they have been infected, How much they have been treated after the tick bite. But in most peoples cases when I have a chance to talk with them, They need a test from I-genex. This is an out of house Lab in California that basically specializes in Lyme and infectious diseases and coinfections related too lyme. There are a couple other labs but this is my favorite at this time. The in house blood labs in most of our top hospitals will not recognize lyme. They can not wrap their head around something that they think can not exist. The Lab company such as Quest or many other labs including the best hospitals I have been to will not make a diagnosis anymore without a positive test from the in house Contracted lab. This does not mean you will get a positive test. It means you should be looked at by a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) who usually has lyme or a very sad case of lyme at home with a family member who has been through the mainstream search for answers and found that Mainstream medicine is slow in getting the issue that lyme is a different bear than regular medicine is equipped for. Lyme is rewriting auto-immune science. As for Testing: Elisa test that most doctor (NON-LLMD's) will use as their first defense is about 35% accurate which makes it useless. Then the western Blot that doctors use for early infection is some what helpful to a point or before a person is treated for anything with antibiotics. But after a certain time even that test is not practical and then you need a western blot test from I-genex that is different from the early stage lyme test and about 99% accurate in my book. I have only heard of one negative test and then that child went on to what is called the CD57 test. The child was then found positive and is doing well with treatment. I could go on but as you can see. You can not wrap yourself around just a positive test all the time. Hope this helps.

GULF WAR SYNDROME?? or Tick related

  Gulf War Veterans' Medically Unexplained Illnesses - Public ...
View shared post Feb 13, 2014 - VA refers to these illnesses as "chronic multisymptom illness" and "undiagnosed illnesses." We prefer not to use the term “Gulf War Syndrome” ...www.publichealth.va.gov
  I am reading a book by a well verse Lyme researcher/MD who wrote about Mycoplasma. Dr.
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