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Lyme Testing
Quote by Dave
Lyme and Lizards
Ecceptance and Lyme
Organ Donors




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Lyme Testing

From an article : 15 diseases doctors often get wrong / from my - health.com MSN page/artic
 You probably know to look out for tick bites and the telltale bullseye rash that can form around them if a person is infected with Lyme disease. But not everyone develops this rash—and Lyme disease's other symptoms (like fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and flu-like symptoms) can easily be confused for other conditions, says Dr. Shapiro.A blood test can check for Lyme disease antibodies in the blood, but those usually don't show up until a few weeks after infection and the test is notoriously unreliable.

Quote by Dave

 God bless all of us who are paving the way for future generations, They will read our story of denial by medicine, Courage by suffering, a shorten life by disease, and fight for their future. Keep writing my lymie friends for they will know why.
By David R Thomas

Lyme and Lizards

  I Awoke to an article by a FB reader scientist researcher integrative medicine person this morning. It is very worth the read.
I lifted this from Doctor sussers Lizard story. at:
http://www.murraysussermd.com/lyme-disease-and-lizards-los…/ ----------------------- I wanted to write this blog about Lizards because of some comments I received from the California Lyme Support Group about the Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentals) and its connection to Ly...me disease.
Lyme Disease and Lizards Los Angeles

Ecceptance and Lyme

Hello my Lymee friends and readers,
 My Journey through challenge has taken me pretty much the same track as so many others in the lyme world. Every once in a while there is a doctor who refers one of his patients to an LLMD. That is something that was unheard of in 2005. As for understanding and diagnosis, I have found many people who come to me and wish to see somebody about a possible lyme infection only to be blown off later because their doctor has chosen yet another brilliant diagnosis to blame all their troubles to. It is ignorance and refusal to except the possibility that their may be something causing these overblown issues outside these little blocks of knowledge that doctors receive at the big U. It never fails for those who I am thinking need to see an LLMD will eventually see an LLMD or die. In the end it is the patients choice. The concept that there can be lyme related issues outside that block of knowledge magnifying many correct diagnosis is also a big issue. In the end Lyme disease, coinfections, correct or incorrect diagnosis's. I would not go to a foot doctor for an autoimmune issue no more than I would go to a lyme doctor for a tooth ache. The big familiar here is non acceptance in the medical community. But trails are being forged for lyme sufferers everyday.

Organ Donors

    I use to be a Donor. But now I am a Lyme recoverer. Many people are getting sick organs. Until we can get a knowledgeable medical community. Babesia, Bartonella, Erlichia, and many other coinfections will be transferred. But still believe perhaps it is a great program if tested properly. I believe with an igenex Western blot test to determine about Lyme is or is not present. A good chance there are no coinfections. But not always the case. They say the organs are clean but the medical community will not use tests that work and only allow tests proven and protocoled by IDSA and CDC and high paid legislators. And now the government is being pressured into outlawing the very tests that can save us. IN MY OPINION.

Senate Lyme bill#177

In regards to Senate bill #177 relating to lyme. Signed by Gov. Corbett. Pa.
  I am hoping this will be a step forward for the tick borne disease sufferers, Lyme Illiterate Medical community, and education for our children in schools, home, and parents. This Lyme affects all of us. I hope there will be enough sense to include in education the Lyme Disease assoc. and Ilads athttp://www.ilads.orgto educate from the field as well as from your bought and paid for government laboratories who have missed the bout on this tragic error in judgment.

Finally fed up.

 I am a lyme advocate and was just chatting with a probable lyme sufferer on the street that I have been talking with. Finely her oncologists told after asking if she could have lyme disease. His words were , you have something but we are not sure what it is. We are trained for recognizing lyme disease and you don't have lyme disease. Perhaps she don't have his trained form of lyme disease but I am quite sure this poor lady who has been run through 15 plus doctors at some of the finest hospitals has a Tick borne infection and probably more than one.


 With all of the challenges right now between LLMD's and the NON LLMD communities I felt the need to republish this article which I have submitted to Shelley at Public Heath Alert.
   I have been talking with a Reader about Lyme Literacy, Lyme specialists, LLMD'S, Lyme Sufferers, oncologist. There seems to be a misunderstanding in the NON-lyme circles that LLMD's consider themselves specialists. That is the furthest from the truth as that could be. LLMD's are always learning lyme.

Babesia and Paniculitis

Linda's liniment treatments are seeming to be not so many because I am not reminded to give her the Liniment massage. I still feel getting the lyme under control is important. But we have had real good luck eliminating the inflammation and nodules with the liniment. I should also add she suffered before her Lyme Disease diagnosis with failing kidneys. Her kidneys now are replenishing themselves and all tests say they are normal. I did not mention where I had put this theory together. I was researching sub-dermal nodules and found a match with Paniculitis. My doctor laughed at me. He never heard of it. But I found that Paniculitis is suspected to come from different things and one of the things was Babesia. If you know Tick borne diseases. You know Babesia is a co-infection to Lyme disease. Meaning you can get co-infections along with your lyme infection. Babesia is a Malaria cousin and a parasite. I believe in the theory that if you don't get rid of the parasite first you may find it harder to get rid of other tick borne illnesses. It is suspected that Paniculitis will attack the pancreas and the liver and kidneys. Possibly be tide to type 2 diabetes. Linda is getting that under control better now that we are getting rid of toxins and the Babesia. Babesia in turn depletes the kidneys ability to filter toxins through the urine. These toxins build up in the sub dermal fat membrane under the skin and they are like prickly needles against the nerve endings. I thank my lymee friend Blyme lymee for striking yet another very good article for my blog at throughchallenge.


   Is your pain in your muscles or joints or both. Neck, back, fore arms, lower legs. My wife had this for years along with toxic nodules under the skin. Finally found something other than Epsom salt baths that works well. I went too the tractor supply and got me a bottle of Absorbine liniment. I massage her aching areas for about a week sometimes twice a day. She got through it and her nodules that we have been trying to shrink for years has shrunk 70 percent. Her pain level at this moment is tolerable and I still give her a liniment massage twice a week.
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