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Lymie Mother Shares
Canine Century??
Lyme Presentation




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  Fluid on the knee, also a big issue. Had a school teacher forced into retirement because of among others. Knee pain, As she was scheduled for knee surgery, she asked me if she could have Lyme. I said lets talk. We sat and had an enjoyable visit and talked about life and other ailments that she had experience over a number of years. All red flags for a Tick related illness scenario. (Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, Mold issues). When the talk was over in about 1 to 2 hrs. Can't remember how long "LYME THING".

Lymie Mother Shares

  This article came to me a few month's ago and I felt it would make a good share with at least a couple that I am helping maneuver through the maze for help in Lyme. The letter follows.  
  I had a couple similar on lady talked to me a year ago (she is pretty bad) & she went to LLMD but when she sent the bloodwork to iGeneX she put a copy of her insurance card instead of a check so they wouldn't do it.  She felt iGeneX and LLMD were wrong & besides she tried the diet for a few weeks and it did not help.

Canine Century??

   I was reading up in  Lyme Basics  this morning lifted a paragraph that struck my mind as another usful CANINE tool for mapping Tick related illness concentrations. I feel it is a good one. Remember Your best friend has been known for years as a century for trouble to come. That article follows. " The risk of getting Lyme disease is often reflected in risk maps. Some maps show the number of human cases of Lyme disease reported for surveillance. These maps may not accurately reflect risk because only 10% of reportable Lyme cases are currently captured by CDC surveillance.

Lyme Presentation

  Talk to your local Lyme support group or Lyme advocate for a possible presentation.
 Many people think Tick borne disease issues is much like HIV/AIDs epedemic. It is not. In order to have Lyme and tick borne related issues. You do not need to be Gay, drug user or even a populer blood transfussion partcipent. You can be a mother in shorts on the playground watching her kids, or a child roling around in the yard. Many outdoorsy folks understand they need to protect themselves and yet they don't.


 The first collage is a bunch of typical and atypical Lyme rashes I took from Lyme Rashes search. The second is a collage from Lyme Disease association of Typical and Atypical Lyme rashes. not much difference. "BUT" I bet you if you go ask your child's Pediatrician what he/she considers a Lyme Borrelia rash. They will say Bulls eye rash. NOT SO PEOPLE. I copied and JPEG-ed these photo's for your use to make them more printer friendly. You can also type Lyme Rashes into your browser and find many more pics.


  There are parents who have done everything right and if a child grows out of a wonderful childhood and into a Lyme disease related rebellion issue. Or altering brain disease issue from Tick borne related issues that throws the child into a downward spiral. I can not blame the parents for there ignorance of Lyme sickness. The sciences are just getting out there. We will be seeing much more of this. It is time to listen and learn the early signs and get help. If I may suggest a few clues and I am not a psychologist.

Lyme Rashes

   Do you think Lyme rashes are strictly Bulls eye rashes. Even if your lucky enough to get a bulls eye rash that by the way only shows its self less than 30-50% of time anyway.. There is a good chance your Dr. may shun it off for a spider bite. The following collage was made with the help a LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) who sees these rashes often. Remember to take pictures of your imbedded Tick before you take it out. Put tick in plastic baggy or sealed container and refrigerate. That is your backup in case you forgot to show your Dr.


I find this all the time and much to often when a Non Lyme Literate Medical professional will use CDC protocol testing and get negative testing. It is not that medical people are stupid or uncaring about Lyme sufferers. It is a defunked two tier testing and lack of education in todays knowledge of Tick related illnesses. It is about not knowing when and how to use the testing protocols that we have and when to throw those out and use another non-protocol test that is +99% accurate.

Enviromental Sensitivity

 I have been hearing a lot about artificial coloring and the negative it has on our health. My wife was spraying Lemon scented Lysol this morning and it reminded me of artificial scents that set off my extremely sensitive Lymee sniffer. I was very disappointed when Lysol Company discontinue the Original unscented Spray disinfectant. Although my sensitivities are much less of a problem now as I can walk through the candle section in a store and not get a sinus headache. I still... realize the negative affect of unnatural scented products.


 Two Tier Testing. I have seen a shift in the numbers as a percentage of false Lyme testing through the Two Tier testing program. Lately I have seen 50% as the missed Lyme cases through the two tier system and I was taught 30% positive results in the two tier testing program. I think this is all screwed up only more screwed up than Two tier testing is already. I received a reply from a reader that is learning about two tier testing so I gave her an IN MY OPPINION version. 30% of the Elisa tests that actually prove positive are also backed up with a western Blot test that is not even the correct bands for the Lyme strains in this country. When the test comes back negative. That cancels out the positive test from the Elisa. That is called two tier testing. This is why so many are testing negative. That means at least 70% positive lyme sufferers are missed. This is why it is important to treat the disease, not the test. Our medical community has become too reliant on testing and not learning to use common sense diagnostics. Then again they are afraid that Ins. companies and Pharma will take it all away. IT being the much more important thing in life than treating the patient. Doctors need to learn to treat the disease, not the test.  Two Tier Testing does not work for Lyme.
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