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Protecting your property
Children and Lyme




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 There was a lot going on in a conversation with a Dr. who wears a nice suit. That is about all the credit I can give him for his knowledge of todays knowledge of Lyme. Second Testing I have researched and wrote about many times in my blog. The good testing is available but the FDA is trying to close it down after they actually said." We (FDA) won't give you clearance but we will let you use the Igenex testing." That was years ago. That worked until Big Pharma and ins. Com. started putting pressure on non FDA approved testing. As for the need for testing. We have come full circle. Dr's will have to educate themselves to Lyme disease at ILADS cert. classes. They will learn to use the MSIDS (Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Survey) to diagnose their tick borne disease patients. I am not a doctor and I understand it. Testing today only supports the doctors decisions and the TWO TIER testing is not reliable for Tick borne diseases. It is only useful in HIV testing and it lies most of the time for Lyme. There for I-genex and the like testing trumps CDC protocol testing. Unless we can come up with a reliable instant Tick borne disease test it is worthless against what we have now. They talk about designing a Lyme disease test. We need a multiple tick borne disease testing system if that is the case. It would have to detect Bb (borellia {many strains}, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Babesia which is a malaria type parisite plus many more. We have all of this in place and FDA and Mr. Levine who I am sure means well is stumbling for words because I am sure he is a profeshional guidelines Loyal CDC Physician. Just like all the LLMD's were before they discovered there is no help for them unless they go against the grain and do something for themselves and their patients.


Yes it is a first in the world. It is a great feeling to be part of it. Even in a small way I feel we are making a difference. I can not afford to be there but this is a product of our efforts.
  I have been sending out notes today of our conversation call the other night with PALRN. It was informative and educating. I made up a letter that I am sending out to all interested in the health field and readers.

Hello my good health professionals at ========. I am very grateful for your talents in health care as for what you are up to date with.


Hello all,
It is another year so I thought I would refresh your memory for a great summer coming.
   I am here as I said to give you an idea of how to enjoy the out doors this year if you are rightfully concerned for your health and your family's health. Tick problems and Lyme disease has become a very important issue in the last few years. I feel this is just the beginning and if we don't take heed into this threat, it can be a very sad health issue for you and your family. But all is not lost if you learn to play the game as they say.

Protecting your property

  It is that time of year again to start thinking about protecting your property and family. The following article from Jill Auerbach is a very good start to a nice memorable summer.
Dear Friends and Associates,
Please consider sharing this with others. Bad enough getting Lyme or Tickborne disease once, but you can be re infected. This is why it is critically important to avoid, and protect yourselves, your family, pets and wildlife as well. It's unfortunate that more than 30 years have passed and this is all we have; protect and prevent!

Children and Lyme

  This is a very good article I want to share as is for those who spend a lot of time with children.Parents, Teachers,Doctors,Nurses, First Responders.
This article will also have it's own page for children.
Children Ages 5-14 are at the Greatest Risk of Acquiring Lyme Disease Around 25% of all reported cases are children. According to research, children are bitten by ticks more frequently around the head and neck, making them more vulnerable to brain and central nervous system infections.


  I hope you all enjoy and learn something from our web/blog and if you are incline to read more about our Journey through challenge and Lyme. You can go to my timeline
  In my wife's and my journey through Lyme. We have found and lost and found and lost. We have become strong for each other and for ourselves. This disease is a hidden disease that the medical community is still finding it hard to except with misguidance from the CDC and the IDSA who right's the guidelines for our medical community.

Lyme Testing

From an article : 15 diseases doctors often get wrong / from my - MSN page/artic
 You probably know to look out for tick bites and the telltale bullseye rash that can form around them if a person is infected with Lyme disease. But not everyone develops this rash—and Lyme disease's other symptoms (like fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and flu-like symptoms) can easily be confused for other conditions, says Dr. Shapiro.A blood test can check for Lyme disease antibodies in the blood, but those usually don't show up until a few weeks after infection and the test is notoriously unreliable.

Quote by Dave

 God bless all of us who are paving the way for future generations, They will read our story of denial by medicine, Courage by suffering, a shorten life by disease, and fight for their future. Keep writing my lymie friends for they will know why.
By David R Thomas

Lyme and Lizards

  I Awoke to an article by a FB reader scientist researcher integrative medicine person this morning. It is very worth the read.
I lifted this from Doctor sussers Lizard story. at:…/ ----------------------- I wanted to write this blog about Lizards because of some comments I received from the California Lyme Support Group about the Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentals) and its connection to disease.
Lyme Disease and Lizards Los Angeles

Ecceptance and Lyme

Hello my Lymee friends and readers,
 My Journey through challenge has taken me pretty much the same track as so many others in the lyme world. Every once in a while there is a doctor who refers one of his patients to an LLMD. That is something that was unheard of in 2005. As for understanding and diagnosis, I have found many people who come to me and wish to see somebody about a possible lyme infection only to be blown off later because their doctor has chosen yet another brilliant diagnosis to blame all their troubles to. It is ignorance and refusal to except the possibility that their may be something causing these overblown issues outside these little blocks of knowledge that doctors receive at the big U. It never fails for those who I am thinking need to see an LLMD will eventually see an LLMD or die. In the end it is the patients choice. The concept that there can be lyme related issues outside that block of knowledge magnifying many correct diagnosis is also a big issue. In the end Lyme disease, coinfections, correct or incorrect diagnosis's. I would not go to a foot doctor for an autoimmune issue no more than I would go to a lyme doctor for a tooth ache. The big familiar here is non acceptance in the medical community. But trails are being forged for lyme sufferers everyday.
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