My book “ Journey Through Challenge “ shows you my journey through darkness. Suffering with Advanced Lyme ailments through , Anxiety disorder , depression , brain fog , chronic pain , chronic fatigue , heart problems , loneliness, to many other ailments suffered with Lyme.
   I am also hoping to integrate our journey with some very helpful tricks and achievements that we have found that works very well for our  successes and triumphs. My wife Linda will help me develop a page for or products such as her children's books by DAISY STONEFIELD as Linda has chosen for her pen name. Daisy is a very talented children's book writer as she has published her first book: Miss Molly Moo Cow's Birthday Party and is now available on the page or in your browser at many outlets if you prefer.
    I will also have my books by David R Thomas " JOURNEY THROUGH CHALLENGE". And also  THE SPIRIT OF AN OBJECT/A Gift From Grandpa " which is very important to me in my recovery from a devastating set back in health.  Thank you,   David R Thomas 
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You can purchase this book here from me for $10.00 free shipping U.S.A. only.
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      By: Author David R Thomas/Lymee
   I am a country boy with hard working values. I was very proud of the way I took on a life of challenges. Then I found myself trying to stay alive and learning and searching for answers. With the love of family and a strong spirit I am finding my way through the darkness. And now life is good even though disabled in many ways, I am reinventing myself.  Thank you
Available at:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OF18DD6
Author: Daisy Stonefield
Author: Daisy Stonefield
Miss Molly Moo Cow's Birthday Party
IS HERE and at Amazon.com.
Yes I have done it. My children's book " Miss Molly Moo Cow's Birthday Party " is here. Thank you for being so patient and I hope you find my stories entertaining and educational for your children. We will be seeking different venues for my books as we go. But for know we will be at amazon and This website at: www.throughchallenge.com . The following are the E book site and print purchase page addresses for amazon.com. We will also have some copies that will be available at office . Thank you and enjoy.
Miss molly you can find in print and ebook at:
Miss Molly Moo Cow's
Birthday Party/children's Book
Price: $10.00
   Welcome to my book THE SPIRIT OF AN OBJECT/A Gift From Grandpa By Author David R Thomas. The title has been changed to reflect the meaning of the story from one generation to a desendent through a message of a Grandpa. Enjoy and don't forget to reply and give your review.
   At this time The Spirit will be available through Kindle and my website at www.throughchallenge.com. Thank you for giving us a look.
It's a pleasure to share with you an experience I shared with a mentor through his spirit which continues on throughout not only my life but my descendants as well. In this story you will find a journey from old, making way for the new and lessons that I felt helped shape my life. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I have gotten joy from writing it.
 "Please check back soon. Thank you"
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