THROUGH CHALLENGE - A Journey Through Lyme Disease
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Jenna Luche-Thayer/Oversight Required 2016




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  This article follows my thoughts on finding the Mayo Clinic book on my front FB page this morning. As great as Mayo Clinic and partners are, something is not right.
And yet Mayo Clinic refuses to learn the new sciences of Lyme diseases to use there "Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative medicine and Home remedies", publish in 2013, well after the new Lyme sciences are starting to make sense. This book may be a very well put together book. I don't know. But I do know that they are partnered with the wrong crowd.

Jenna Luche-Thayer/Oversight Required 2016

Hello All,

  I am honored to share with you with permission from Jenna Luche-Thayer some great work she has been doing lately in the Lyme and Tick related diseases epidemic. Jenna credentials are also listed after the videos. She has earned the Lyme communities respect as so many have. I have dedicated a page to her work on page 9. Click Here Right after my Making a difference Page.
Thank you Jenna Luche-Thayer,
David R Thomas

TIME FOR TICK RELATED UPDATING - Went to my favorite Hospital today. 1 of top 50 in the USA for an errand. I was minding my own business and in pulls this LYME CORP vehicle. Now I know this hospital absolutely denies and rejects all and any change of the 200 yrs old Pasture one bacteria one disease belief. But being one of the best at what this hospital does do. You would think they would have one ear open while greasing wheels of progress. The following article still in my mind is a valid and accurate problem since the old IDSA treatment guidelines came down and the new ILADS treatment guidelines were left up in the NGC. (National Guidelines Clearinghouse). And yet the CDC still uses the outdated IDSA guidelines. Ask your doctor to observe the new ILADS NGC posted Lyme and tick Borne disease treatment guidelines that were posted back in Oct. of 2014 I believe. It is time we start getting treated at the bite and an early diagnosis. When we move on to a specialist we loose time. Treatment at the bite=around $800.00-$1200.00 After 6 months or 1 specialist. $10,000+ after 1or 2 years = $100,000+. Those figures can be off some but they are close. IN MY OPIION.


Hello all,
It is another year so I thought I would refresh your memory for a great summer coming.
   I am here as I said to give you an idea of how to enjoy the out doors this year if you are rightfully concerned for your health and your family's health. Tick problems and Lyme disease has become a very important issue in the last few years. I feel this is just the beginning and if we don't take heed into this threat, it can be a very sad health issue for you and your family. But all is not lost if you learn to play the game as they say.


 This poem struck my mind this morning as I decided to take out an address I no longer needed.


My duty today for a friend,
a warrior who could not stay.
She was strong as she was quiet,
we heard little at the end.
Her mate was always there,
with his strength and to defend.
As this monster inside her,
he would keep until the end.

My duty today for a friend,
a warrior who could not stay.
When we met she was my teacher,
for a journey that will get deeper.
She was blessed so many ways,

Why are LLMD's so scarce?

Why are LLMD's so scarce was asked on a FB post this morning.  I feel I have the answer or at least a fairly accurate one. I will try to make sense of the journey that put our medical community in such a peril as it is with Lyme disease. First there is the Doctors of years ago. When they were called away from their jobs that made them money, to the home to help advise and troubleshoot the problems in family health. They were more often then not trouble shooters and very good at thinking outside the box. In those days Mom's were the Doctors of the household. Todays doctors choose a very lucrative occupation if they have the grades to get into the big University in the first place. For the most part. They know that all can be explained away on a test or there is a more experience professional around the corning or online that can steer that medical professional in the right direction. This is where we have lost our way. There are no troubleshooters left , or at least not many who have the drive to explore outside that box of knowledge they received at the big U. I am familiar with this kind of thinking because I was a farm boy and was quite handy sometime s at criticle thinking as I call it. Or thinking outside the box which happens to be where Tick Borne Related issues Live at this time, outside the box. If we are going to beat this problem. We will need Doctors who can think and use their brain for more than a 9 to 5 computer search administrator. This is not working. There needs to be a spot on the medical entry exam that gives some kind of idea where the problem solving skills are for that individual applying for med school is. Lyme is not a test diagnosis and as I am reading. There will not be one anytime soon. I solute the LLMD's are doing that can think outside the box and those who are not afraid to jeaperdize ther profeshion to help their patient as they took the oath for in the first place. I also thank those who do not step up for they could also make this dredful disease much worse by just waiting for the test.

New Lyme strains

  In regards to the new possible Mayonii Lyme causing sprirochet/bacteria. I am thinking it is a bit premature yet to assume all of Bobbi Pritt's science is on cue. Read article a view video. Mayonii is developed from a long standing 200 year old one bacteria, one disease theory of science. The new sciences are from the relatively new Lyme sciences that are helping those through the difficulties of lyme and associated diseases. I am not ready to sign off on this finding yet. In my opinion and I am not a Doctor or a scientist but I am a knowledegable Lyme sufferer and I will keep watching.


Good morning all,
 My morning opens with a heavy heart this morning as one of my closest loved ones lay in a hospital bed taking antibiotic transfusions for an infection. This person (TP) suffers greatly with a RA diagnosis and also must take RA anti-inflammatory meds to control the pain. (as subscribed). There by killing the autoimmune system and allowing infections to return or move from place to place. TP has suffered so long and yet TP has such great trust in the medical community that I believe I will be watching TP fade away.

Blood supply/Babesia

An Article I recently read set me to writing once again. The article talked about Blood supply contamination, Babesia, Transfusions. But the thing that triggered this article today was the fact that this hospital is sending blood tests to organizations that do not recognize Tick Borne related diseases. The article follows.  
 This article as a Lyme and Tick Related disease advocate and survivor, Scares the bajeebers out of me. To suggest that because a world class hospital is involved in diagnosing and testing of Lyme and Tick borne related issues is absurd.


 I just tried to click on Ilads link in NGC (National Guidelines Clearinghouse) and it said it was presently unavailable. Go figure. Couldn't find ilads or natural treatment guidelines at all. BUT I played around a bit. I came to the IDSA guidelines. Stay with me. 
Then in that search bar at NGC print ilads guidelines/lyme and you will go to the ilads guidelines
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