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 I wrote my book for others who are looking for information, inspiration and most importantly companionship for those who have found themselves alone through the devastation of Lyme. My ebook " JOURNEY THROUGH CHALLENGE" shows you my journey up to and through most of my journey with of easing the experience for others.  advanced Lyme ailments of anxiety disorder , depression , brain fog , chronic fatigue , heart problems , loneliness to many other ailments Lyme. This book is now available in print Here. Or you can purchase Journey through Challenge at my book page.
By: Author David R Thomas


This is what it's all about. Dr. Horowitz has the understanding and experience. We should be listening.


  Hello,   I responded to a fellow Lyme sufferers post this morning after she mentioned Sept being Suicide prevention month. It struck a word or two and here it is. I use to think: Why would anybody choose suicide over life. Until I got sick with undiagnosed Lyme disease and coinfections. This is not living until you get understood and diagnosed. Then you may regain maybe a morsel of dignity you once had and start to see living as a viable option. I see things much more clearly now that I have journeyed through the darkness of Lyme that included depression, anxiety, alienation of friends and families, co-infections, Loneliness. Giving up crossed my mind a couple of times. I feel there are many people in the world taking their lives that had it all even though they were experiencing difficult times that perhaps needed a LLMD to look at them rather than treat those individuals with another anti-depressant pill or anxiety med. True you can use that stuff until you get straighten out but now I don't live on it. So Here is to Suicide prevention month and maybe if somebody reads this article that is going through some dark moments. Maybe they will give this a thought. Maybe your issues are bacteria, or parasite, or infection issues.  IN MY OPINION  The sciences are changing and the medical community is not able to keep up. You can get help with a Lyme Literate person by contacting aLocal Lyme Group in your browser or contacting the for there phone numbers to find somebody to talk with. We are also available at



Jenna -Thayer

  I am honored to share with you with permission from Jenna -Thayer some great work she has been doing lately in the Lyme and Tick related diseases epidemic. Jenna's credentials are also listed after the videos. She has earned the Lyme communities respect as so many have. Thank for all you do. I have dedicated a page to her recent work. Click Here

David R Thomas 


  Training a medical community about Lyme will be difficult until we have their attention. we are getting that through their own experiences in themselves or the sufferings of their loved ones.  I think our medical community is not taught Lyme disease as Lyme disease is today. Lyme is an experience  and clinical diagnosis today. Lyme disease and it's possible co-infections are not covered in the small introductory class at the big U. Our professors do not teach Lyme correctly and so our medical community has no knowledge to apply to their experience. The only experience our medical community for the most part has been learned from a Non-Lyme literate professor. Education, Education, Education. Until there is something better. in my mind is the best thing going right know in the knowledge end of management of Lyme disease with several very good groups in medicine following. This will need the influences of many fields of medicine and this is why I am a believer in alternative and integrative medicine. The first hurdle is recognition by all of the medical community. 


  Hello all,

  I am coming along and finding myself through my challenges and sharing my Lyme experience with the world. I research patterns and successes through Lyme issues and try too write and educate my readers through my blog/website at As an advanced Lyme or even sharing my knowledge as a Lyme advocate. I feel I can update front line responders the ravages of advanced Lyme/late stage Lyme and the many sufferers that are going to be coming forth in the future as we Lyme advocates start educate the NON- Lyme literate community such as the present day Medical and first responder community. If you would like be a part of this slowly changing but very worth while challenge. I would like to hear from you. I do presentations or go to peoples house's and homes or meet in a parking lot someplace and chat (In the shade). This is an epidemic, and mainstream medicine just does not get it yet. Hence the term "They won't get Until they get it." Don't be one of them.
Thank you for time,
David R Thomas - Lyme Advocate at:                               
Sayre, Pa.
  PS: If you are not inclined to chat with me. You can also go or or for info and now we have at Penna. Lyme resource Network and is another great site. Very good info for the Lyme and communities to gain knowledge of this Lyme issue.
 Medical professionals might even try to bring them up to speed.

I hope you all enjoy and learn something from our web/blog and if you are incline to read more about our Journey through challenge and Lyme. You can go to my timeline at
 Dr. McDonald is very up to date in Lyme and Alzheimer's. His research that has brought the two together has been revolutionary. I would like to share  with you about Lyme and Alzheimer's. Just click here or copy and paste the following link.
   God bless all of us who are paving the way for future generations, They will read our story of denial by medicine, Courage by suffering, a shorten life by disease, and fight for their future. Keep writing my friends for they will know why. By David R Thomas
IT IS THE SEASON TO PREPARE YOUR LAWNS FOR PLAY. Here is a video I put together make your own tick tube

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Spirit of an object, message, grandpa,

This book is at my book page and in your search bar  by typing the title into search bar. Thank you.
The Movies
 I have taken the opportunity to let my wife video from her I-phone a short clip in how to accurately remove a tick within the boundaries of the new sciences of disease. This method least excites the tick and does not regurgitate it's stomach into the bite area as bad and resulting in infection.

  This video is just to show you how ticks move and how fast they move. They do not jump, skip, fly or flag you down. But ticks do target, grab, and wait patiently for their blood meal sometimes for weeks.
For those in the Local "Ahopeforlyme" group area.
If you are interested in a Lyme presentation with a Lyme advocate.
You can contact or at 5708821230.
New York - Broome, Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben, Tioga, and Tompkins
 Pennsylvania - Bradford, Clinton, Lycoming, Potter, and Tioga.

My History discovery about Lyme is here
This article is about something that struck me as I was right there struggling the same challenges and I could see through his eyes as he wondered what was happening to his world as I did through my adversity finding answers through Lyme disease. CLICK HERE
I have tried to research this and have put together a few words but will need much more than I am getting. But there is some good news the handling and a couple of thoughts through my experience with this monster I have included my blog.  Click here
A very interesting article that you can go to at:
In my mind there is only one difference. Enzymes are good for added digestive support for those who have problems in the gut and we all need them. Probiotics are for those who are abusing there gut or digestive system with long regimen of meds such as Lyme sufferers and many other diseases that require many meds to recover. There are doctors who have never heard of such a thing and just know that it is not a good idea to put anybody on long durations of antibiotics. But they also have never ask their patients to support their digestive system with probiotics when taking any type of medicine that kills anything in the body. Many years ago when antibiotics were relatively new we never realized that if we kill the bad bugs in our system that we also must kill the good bugs. So why would it not make sense to back up an auto-immune system with a powerful probiotic. Now some people take low bacteria count probiotics that help with their digestive system. But for those on meds as I am with lyme. I have experimented with different products and found that anything with less than 2 billion count of bacteria isn't supplementing your immune system as it should. I have found for myself that 15 billion count bacteria,yes 15 billion count is my comfort zone. You can figure this out with your bodies signals such as bowl activity. I have found if I take more than I need, I will be to hard and if I don't take enough that I will be to loose. But the important thing is if I don't take anything, I will kill all the flora in m y intestines and I will die with it a deficient bowl. There are many products out there of probiotics and I have tried different one. There are powder forms that can get you up to 50 billion count or there are capsules that carry 22 billion count bacteria right to your intestinal tract and then does it's job. Remember that when taking powder form you must get that powder to the intestines where it does it's thing and most will die in the stomach digestive acids before it ever has a chance to get where it needs to be. I am becoming more of a believer in supporting our digestive systems as our food supply get tighter and the world requires larger fruits and vegetables to support the supply. There is a lot more than just taking probiotics when it comes to recovering from advanced lyme problems. But for those people out there who are suffering from  over weight, gut problems such as diarrhea, constipation, intestinal viruses. You might talk to your doctor about supplementing with a good probiotic that carries at least 20 billion count bacteria and going from there. I have found that price and quality does NOT always mean effectiveness. But for long term antibiotic treatment I am sold on high bacteria quality from reputable companies. If your doctor laughs at you as some will. You can talk to some very helpful nutritionist at vitamin shops such I have found at Natures Sunshine. Remember, I am not a doctor but an experience lyme disease recoverer. Talk to your doctor about supplements or a reputable nutritionist. David R Thomas
   What does the face of a and co- infection sufferer look The following new children's author is one example of  a disease infected woman who refuses to give up.
Daisy Stonefield , writer , illustrator , children's books A Lyme sufferer who found herself as a children's book writer, Illustrator, Photographer.
Childrens book,  Daisy Stonefield

  I am very proud to say Miss Molly is on our first book page and Hope you all enjoy her as she entertains the children. You will find Miss Molly Moo Cow's Birthday Party for purchase on our sales page by

 NEW PRICES at $3.99

Good time too plan for SPRING
Hello all,   I am here as I said to give you an idea of how to enjoy the out doors this year if you are rightfully concerned for your health and your family's health. Tick problems and Lyme disease has become a very important issue in the last few years. I feel this is just the beginning and if we don't take heed this threat, it can be a very sad health issue for you and your family. But all is not lost if you learn to play the game as they say. You need to learn to protect yourself and learn the different ways that put you in jeopardy of tick born illnesses such as disease and it's different co-infections such as Babesia, Ehrlichiosis, candida, . There are different recipes on the internet by looking up Natural Tick Repellant in your search bar. I understand it works well as long as it is followed correctly. I like the natural recipes that include aloe Vera gel, rose geranium, and lavender. You should use this abundantly and cover yourself very well with this natural repellent.    Then there are those over the counter tick repellents that work well if you don't mind a little deet that works well. These repellents need to be understood before use. There are clothing products with Permethrin that is recommended for those outdoor people who are out in tick territory often like campers, hunters, woodsmen and the like. Permethrin also goes by the name Permanone and Duronon. This product is designed for clothing only.    Then there is my favorite: DEET products for us guys and my family who don't go out into it that often or go out short trips and not in to hiking like some, who don't get out that often an would like some extra, easy, spritz here and there kind of thing. You should make sure you spritz your legs, arms, neck, hair line. I like to fish and take my grandkids. So this is what I use. If I were to take them out often, I might chose the natural repellent. According to the sheet I have read up on about Deet. Adults should not use a deet product with no more than 30% deet, and children can use up to 30% deet according to age, size. Infants under 2 months of age should not be exposed to deet. There is much more you can learn about preventing Tick-borne disease by typing this into your browser or if you prefer, your representative office offers some very good brochures for the outdoors and protection of your family.   Then there is the clothing issue. You are suppose to cover up everything when your out and about in the woods and trails to protects yourself. Take it from me or any of my hunting friends, it makes sense to protect yourself. But then there are those of us who are ten foot tall and bullet proof who will prevail no matter what the cost. Take it from me and my wife who both suffer greatly with lyme disease. We are no longer bullet proof.    You all have a wonderful spring and summer and maybe I will see you out there somewhere enjoying what nature has to offer. Remember if you take the precautions to prepare for the outdoors, you will appreciate everything it has to offer. David R Thomas
  This is what I like to see. Now see results. I am sure my letters to Washington had very little do with this development. But I did send letters and I feel like I am part of the solution.                                             
ILADS Lyme Society from Washington, DC, 2013.


Washington, D.C. (June 13, 2013) – Language directing the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to continue to build on research efforts to combat Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses is included in an annual spending bill moving through Congress, according to Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), a longtime leader on this issue.

The report language in the FY 2014 Agriculture Appropriations bill directs four agencies within the USDA to build on ways to protect humans and livestock from tick-borne and to consider how such diseases impact the local economy.

The measure was approved by the House Appropriations Committee today. It is expected to come before the full House later this month.
Since this posting the house the bill and now moves to the Senate.
Wolf has long been an advocate for victims of Lyme disease. He has hosted numerous community forums in the 10th district to help educate residents and medical professionals about the dangers of Lyme and how to protect themselves when outdoors from tick bites.

Lyme is the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the U.S. today. If not diagnosed and treated early, Lyme disease can lead to disseminated infection and can affect every system in the body, including the central nervous system. Later symptoms of Lyme disease include arthritis of weight-bearing joints; neurological problems, such as facial paralysis, encephalopathy, memory problems, weakness of the extremities; and heart symptoms, such as heart block and inflammation of the heart muscle. Lyme has been reported in every U.S. state and is becoming more prevalent.

For more on Wolf’s work to prevent Lyme disease, visit his website here.

      ??????? I am asked why we are fighting something other than disease with my wife Linda. ???????                                

I am asked often about my wife's and my lyme issues and I usually say “so so”. Buy then sometimes people want to know what some of these other ailments are that we talk of and why are we challenging yet another ailment. I begin to tell the person that lyme is often just one of the infections you get from a tic bite. (((( There is a brochure and booklet that you can get by contacting the Lyme assoc. or your local lyme group as mine is and they can help you further as much of my info. comes from those groups. You can also contact me at and my contact page at this website and join me my blog.)))) There is a group of co-infections that often come with a tic bite and they are becoming more prominent as our lymers ( Lyme infected Doctors ) as we like to call them learn and challenge each infection that an individual may have. I was tested positive in 05 with lyme and the test was in infancy stages and very accurate for it became a good tool but not as good as a lyme literate doctor who often shared in the unfortunate infection. Now with better tests the labs can find different strains of tic bite diseases like B. Burgdorferi (LYME) which is what the lyme causing bacteria is called and then co-infections Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Candida. These co-infections complicate things dramatically and may take years to tackle one or two, Or you may be able to take a certain med combo for one Co-infection and not for another. Sometimes You find stomach bacteria such as H.Pylori that is a gut infection that has been around infecting much of the worlds population by 50%. A person who has a lot of trouble keeping meds down could have H. Pylori. What I think happened in our experience was the meds were put into the gut to combat a tic related disorder and it would end up doing battle with the H Pylori that would always win the battle. Then the Doctor stepped back and took a test for H. Pylori and received a positive test. The H. Pylori was treated with 10 day treatment and now we are treating lyme and co-infections. If you suffer from over bloating, Diarrhea, constipation, or just out of the blue stomach discomfort. You might talk with your doctor about it or have him refer you to a stomach specialist. There you have it in a nut shell and it gets much more complicated and to dump all of this on a mainstream family doctor is a bit much I'm sure. But as I say in many of my articles. A really good lyme doctor often either has lyme or is treating somebody very close to his heart with lyme. Thank you, Author-David R Thomas
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